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Professional Hacks for Packing Light Luggage

Posted on December 20, 2016 by David Rogers | 0 Comments

Seasoned travelers know that light luggage is the way to go for trips to be centred on good memories and experiences. This is so unlike a novice traveller’s worry, which would be leaving anything behind. As such, their first instinct is to pack anything they think they might need. It’s only when you’ve actually travelled often when you’ll realize that this fear is unfounded.

Enjoy the Benefits of Light Luggage With These Packing Tips

Checking in baggage means facing the routine experience of waiting at the airport’s bag carousel, trying to identify yours out of a sea of closely-resembling bags, and worrying about whether any damage has been done to your bag or its contents. It’s hands-down an unpleasant experience we’d want to do without when beginning or ending a trip. So, learn to take advantage of packing light luggage and you can do this by following the tips below:

  • Pack with the best-case scenario in mind.
  • Unless you’re traveling to some area isolated from civilization, you’re sure to find the comforts of home within easy reach wherever you’re going. Most brands are already distributed internationally, so they are most likely to be found at the nearest mall or convenience store within your destination’s vicinity. You’ll be surprised at how much daily necessities such as toiletries have been keeping you from enjoying the perks of having lightweight travel luggage. Bringing around a large tube of toothpaste and other hefty items don’t just add weight to your luggage, but also takes on extra space you could dedicate to those irresistible souvenirs.

    Remember that when you pack with a negative mindset, you open yourself to countless possible situations involving any item you can think of. If you start packing with a “just in case” attitude, you might find yourself not wanting to leave your home at all.

  • Ask yourself, “How often am I going to use this?”
  • If the main purpose of your travel is not a photo shoot, you might want to consider using a thin and light smartphone. This usually comes with a camera that takes high quality photos and will help you to travel lightly than when you bring a bulky DSLR with you.

    What about that blow dryer? When you’re on a business trip where you’ll have to attend meetings, the hotel you’ll be staying in will most likely have one and calling ahead to confirm won’t hurt. That long distance call will be lesser compared to the hassle of lugging around that dryer and the check-in baggage fees.

    Also, check your itinerary. Blow-drying might be pointless if the duration of your travel is packed with heavy activities that will make you lose your salon-worthy look halfway through the day. Lighter activities and a shorter travel period would also usually mean needing lesser items and only light luggage.

  • Never use luggage bigger than carry-on standards and stick to one or two bags.
  • The concept is plain and simple. When you’ve got less room to work with, you’ll lessen the possibility of bringing things you won’t need. We all have the tendency to make the most of whatever space we have in our bag. Some travellers use bags smaller than what they think they’ll need on purpose, so they’d be forced to stick to the essential items. Get a smaller bag, so you’ve got less chances of over-packing.

  • It’s in your choice of clothing.
  • Many travellers advise in rolling your clothes rather than folding them for extra room, so invest in a low-maintenance wardrobe. Think of fabrics that are durable, wrinkle-free, and light, such as cotton and specific types of wool. Consider purchasing clothes made of synthetic materials. Some materials are good for both warm and cold climates. Travellers often prefer to layer clothing rather than carrying bulky sweaters, so they can stick to packing light luggage regardless of their destination.

    Making new friends and slight changes in activities are inevitable, but could be fun and exciting. So, take pieces with you that could transition easily from day to evening wear. You could also be among those who prefer to spend their vacation in warmer places because of the lesser need to cover up. This will make bringing flat footwear more suitable, allowing you to pack only one or two pairs. Remember that shoes take up a lot of room, so you need to be smart in deciding how many pairs to bring.

    Don’t let heavy luggage weigh you down from making the most out of your journeys. Follow these tips and you’re sure to begin a new chapter of your life as a believer in light travel. Spread the word so others can join you and share remarkable memories in far-off places. The next time you see someone carrying big suitcases and several bags, you might want to offer them advice on how to pack light luggage.


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    How to Find the Best Travel Luggage

    Posted on October 25, 2016 by David Rogers | 0 Comments

    What is the best travel luggage you can buy? This must be the question that got you to this page. You have probably started scrolling through lists like best luggage for international travel for 2016, but you still don’t know what to use for your next trip.

    Before Googling for these awarded bags, ask yourself first if you have any idea of what kind of bag you actually need. The tips below will help you know which is the best luggage for you:

    What makes a bag the best travel luggage?

    1. Size and Weight

    Take into account the length of your travel and your activities into deciding what is the best luggage to buy. Will this be a business trip that will have you bringing your laptop? Do you expect heavy rain that will most probably need for you to bring boots? How many changes of clothing would your stay require and will jackets be necessary? Or, is this a summer vacation, which require only light clothing, shorts, and flip-flops?

    Keep in the mind that the best travel luggage should be able to carry all your essentials, including your clothing and gadgets. However, if you’re going to be packing several things, it would be wise to purchase a lightweight luggage. This would be handy particularly if you’re going to be walking long distances. They usually also come with additional features such as straps and wheels that you can look into if you’re not confident that you should be carrying your bag.

    2. Features

    Perhaps you would want to consider carry-ons instead of having to wait at the airport bag carousel. If you’re worried about it being too heavy to carry, suitcases and duffel bags have evolved to having wheels. If you consider yourself fashion-conscious, the former is the safest choice for best travel luggage. Its classic design goes with just about any OOTDs (outfit of the day).

    There are several variations of carry-on luggage to choose from. Also, check the wheels. They might be too stiff thereby making you struggle to get your bag from Point A to Point B. Duffel bags with back straps are also now available in the market. Better yet, you can go for the traditional but reliable backpack. Put a casual outfit on and there won’t be any fashion issues with this kind of luggage.

    What features make a bag the best travel luggage according to your standards would depend on your priorities like bringing along any fragile items such as laptops. Want pockets? Then, crush out those plain plastic suitcases from your options. The material of your bag is also important as there are hard cases and there are soft ones. If none of your items are prone to breaking, opt for a soft bag to make travel as light as possible.

    3. Airline Policies and Fees

    Trying to figure out how to pack light and how to fit your oversized carry-on into the overhead cabin might be more of a hassle than checking in your bag. Maybe you will find the extra fee worth it. You might also prefer to have your luggage checked in, but think the additional charge is way too steep.

    The way around this is to start reading on airline policies on the size and weight for carry-on luggage and the charge for extra baggage. Don’t stick to just one airline or the one you have booked a flight with. Also find out the policies of other airlines you would likely consider in the future and then do some comparison. Getting this information isn’t difficult and airlines are obligated to provide their customers with it.

    Keeping yourself informed allows you to make better choices in getting the best travel luggage. This will narrow down your options, bringing you closer to picking out the one most ideal for your needs. Just remember that policies also differ between domestic and international flights, so doing some research will also help you make better choices when it comes to airlines.

    From all that, you should already have gotten some information that will get you started on the right foot. While there are still several other points like new features, such as security locks, and policies that you should look out for, the tips above are enough to give you a good start. Remember that travelling in itself is a world all its own, so for now, go globe-trotting in style with the best travel luggage you have chosen.

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    Travel Light: Stick to Carry-On Luggage

    Posted on October 12, 2016 by David Rogers | 0 Comments

    In view of pricey airline check-in baggage fees, carry-on luggage has become the modern travellers’ superhero. Unfortunately, many of us are still not quite well versed in the art of packing. This inability has deprived us from experiencing the gains of travelling light.

    Call to mind your previous trips and the problems you had with luggage or the cost you had to pay. Then, imagine how convenient it will be if you could pack everything you need for a five-day trip in a small suitcase. To help you out in this area, below are some pointers on how light packing can become second nature to you in the future:

    Tips to Maximize Your Carry-On Luggage

     1. Get schooled on the rules.

    Airlines have policies you need to adhere to and one of these is the weight limit of your carry-on luggage. To avoid any problems in this area, you need to read up on how much you can take with you on the plane. Maybe lightweight suitcases should be on your next shopping list.

    2. Try rolling instead of folding your clothes.

    Unknown to many, this can actually be a great way to save space. If done right, this can also keep your clothes from wrinkling. Just check the materials of your clothing first and experiment using different types days before your trip. The fabric of your clothes is great factor to your success in this trick.

    3. Go for combos.

    You don’t have to bring lots of jackets, pants, or skirts to go with the outfits you have in mind. Instead, go for dark-colored ones that you can wear more than once and with just about anything. With the old yet wise fashion principle of mixing and matching, you’ll be amazed how far you can go with clothes meager enough to fit your carry-on luggage.

    4. Compartmentalize your travel life.

    Whoever invented pockets was a genius. However, don’t limit yourself to the compartments your travel carry-on luggage has. Get creative! If you don’t have enough pockets in your suitcase, make your own compartments by using small bags.

    It will be so satisfying to see all your knick-knacks in well-placed bags along with your color-coordinated clothes. This will just be like how you squirrel away your makeup in little purses, so they’d look neat and clean in your bag. Only this time, you’d be applying it to everything you bring with you on your travel.

    5. Look for liquid substitutes.

    We understand that you need your perfume, but do you really need lug around that huge spritzer? Consider buying those travel-friendly bottles you can fill with your lotions or scents. However, if your airline of choice is quite strict in not allowing liquids of any weight in your carry-on luggage, then you could either buy a small bottle where you’re going or go for those solid perfumes.

    6. Rethink those shoes.

    You don’t need a different pair of shoes for every day of your travel. Those can’t all fit in your carry-on luggage. So, here, you rely again on mixing and matching.

    Remember that nobody would think less of you for wearing the same pair of shoes for your outfits if you are bringing the right pair. Think of this as a test of your creativity and your excellent choice of footwear.

    There are several stories of travellers surviving for days on carry-on luggage circulating on the Internet. While, travelling light might not be your cup of tea for now, it’s worth a try. The tips above might not turn you into a guru on the get go, they can definitely get you started in the right direction.

    If you find out any other tips, share them with us. However, don’t throw away your giant suitcase just yet. Who knows, maybe you’ll need it for a month-long trip in Bali and carry-on luggage might not quite work for you then.


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    Travelling in Style with the Best Traveling Luggage

    Posted on August 30, 2016 by David Rogers | 0 Comments

    Travelling in Style with the Best Traveling Luggage

    Are you the stylish trendsetter who wants to explore the world with the best traveling luggage? Or would just like your friends to drool with envy as you show off your chic luggage bags from Hong Kong? Then you should grab your passport as you enter their famous shopping districts.

    You have scoured garage sales in your neighborhood; checked all nooks and crannies in the mall, and went through the web using a fine toothed comb for a good deal. But you have noticed that being swanky may turn out to be more expensive than your whole trip to paradise. You now have the option of being trendy without breaking the bank.


    Choosing the Best Traveling Luggage

    Hans Christian Andersen once said that, “To travel is to live”. To make sure that you live la dolce vita, you have to make sure that you are fashionably prepared for your life’s journey. Then go ahead; and splurge on the best traveling luggage. After all, everyone knows that life is all about the journey, and not the destination.

    Fashion vs Comfort

    There is no need for you to settle on the unsightly to be comfortable. With a wide range of luggage bags in Hong Kong, there is no need to compromise style for comfort. You can buy luggage in Hong Kong to your heart’s desire. A trendy luggage bag at home may cost you a hefty sum that may go up to a 5-digit price tag. But a similar looking bag may just be a fraction of that price if you go shopping in Hong Kong. With so many to choose from, you can never go wrong as you can choose the best traveling luggage that is both fashionable, and useful.

    Fashionably Cheap

    You will understand what real haggling means when you buy luggage in Hong Kong. This is a shopaholic’s paradise. As you enter their world famous shopping districts, your mind will buzz with excitement at the items on sale. Although the prices are just a fraction of what you would have paid if you were at the mall; you still can get better deals.

    If you still cannot hear your heart pounding out of sheer exhilaration, you will definitely feel your blood rush as you walk on the streets of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong Island or in Tsim Sha Tsui or in Mong Kok in the district of Kowloon. You will feel dizzy in your quest to find the best traveling luggage as your eye surveys the endless luggage shops in Hong Kong.

    Packing like a Professional

    Other than the fact that your bag should be good looking, you should also consider its functionality. As you check all the luggage shops in Hong Kong, you should be keen in observing if those bags have outer compartments where you can stash small items such as those 3 pairs of undergarments; or perhaps the ever needed flip flops.

    You will never go wrong with your decision as you are presented the 2 types of luggage bags - the soft ones and those that have hard shells. Most luggage shops in Hong Kong will offer both types so you will never leave wanting. You will most likely end up buying both kinds to get better discounts. Even with the 2 items in your shopping bag, their total price still will not add up to those luggage bags that you were planning to buy at home.

    With your bags ready, you are now ready to hop on to the next plane out of the city’s daily grind. You will never feel left out with your trendy friends as you bring out your recently purchased luggage bag from Hong Kong. With its elegance, and its smart multi-purpose design, they will not be able to guess that it is way cheaper than the side dish of your steak dinner.

    After you have flaunted that classy luggage bag from Hong Kong, you might want to let them in your secret, and take them to a shopping spree to North Point, Hong Kong or perhaps in Central, Hong Kong. They will surely love you for it especially if they end up entering one of the luggage shops in Hong Kong, where they get to sharpen their bargaining skills. Even if the trip is the nth time that you visited one of their shopping districts, you definitely won’t be disappointed after you were able to buy the best traveling luggage.

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    Jetsetters’ Best Friend: Hand Carry Luggage

    Posted on August 26, 2016 by David Rogers | 0 Comments


    Jetsetters Best Friend Hand Carry Luggage

    Do you often travel with just a hand carry luggage? It is often the best way to see the world since it is cheaper, and more convenient. But with the seemingly numerous necessities, how does one make sure that all essentials have been packed? Then you also have to consider the type of bag to use - might it be a backpack or a wheeled carry on luggage.

    You have not started your trip. But you are already incredibly stressed with the preparations. You have to keep in mind that you are making this trip to take a breather out of the rat race. So before you scream out of sheer frustration, you should take a step back, and let this guide you in your packing.


    The ABCs of Hand Carry Luggage

    What would you consider as a hand carry luggage? Airline companies have different rules of what is an acceptable carry on luggage. Even if there are standards being set by the International Air Transportation Association, a wheeled carry on luggage with a dimension of 56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm that is allowed by one airline company, may not be considered by another. You just need to take note that a hand carry luggage should be around 45cm x 35cm x 23 cm with a weight of 7 to 10 kgs to be allowed by most airline companies. This is one of the main reasons the wise traveller would never choose a hard-case wheeled carry on luggage since the wheels would take up space.

    Are you looking for affordable luggage? After you have considered the size of the hand carry luggage, you are now ready to buy one. But the prices are quite steep. You are quite astounded that the prices range from $360.00 to $500.00. So think out of the box, and search where to buy luggage in Hong Kong. With this knowledge, you can scrimp on the unnecessary; and indulge more on your trip.

    You can step in one of the their world famous shopping districts. You can try looking for cheap hand carry luggage in Mong Kok. You should also sharpen your haggling skills before going to Fai Yuen or to the Ladies’ Market. Patience is a virtue in these places for with this virtue together with perseverance, you can find luggage as cheap as $60.00. That is $300.00 off from your first find; and you can definitely use the savings to buy a souvenir to remind you of your awesome trip.

    What to pack in your hand carry luggage? Everyone would immediately answer that you should only bring what is necessary. But how can you distinguish the essentials from the optional. Taking into account that you can only carry 7 to 10 kgs, you should pack wisely. You might consider the things that you brought with you during your last trip. Can you still remember which things went out of the luggage after an hour of touch down? Can you recall which of those stuff remained in your bag all throughout the trip? Then learn from that, and don’t bring that extra bulky jacket. One would definitely suffice. Packing wisely would mean that you have prepared your passport, plane tickets, and medications. It would also mean that you will pack the right number of undergarments and outer clothing; have placed liquids in clear, resealable bags; and made sure that they are only at the allowable 100 mL mark. You definitely do not need to bring the extra pair of shoes or a ceramic hair iron. You will not end up bringing your whole house with you by remembering this rule of thumb.

    The experienced traveler would always travel lightly. It does not only save them money by not checking in baggage. But it will also help them enjoy their trip since they have the freedom of being mobile. You will not be able to immediately move to enjoy a sight if you are dragging a bulky bag; and you surely do not want that to happen. Bringing a colossal bag would definitely catch the eye of the airport staff. So you will end up wasting time as they scrutinize your belongings. By traveling lightly, you will not be stressed by a lost or stolen suitcase. By now, you will understand that hand carry luggage is the only way to travel.

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    Best Luggage Brands: Consumer Reports Survey

    Posted on July 27, 2016 by David Rogers | 0 Comments

    Among the most important considerations are durability and wheelability

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    Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Latin America

    Posted on July 18, 2016 by David Rogers | 0 Comments

    For some, traveling is a fun way to discover new things, experience new things and meet new people. For some, it is simply a way of disconnecting from the busy world and finding time to relax. Whichever is the reason you travel, going to somewhere new is good for you.

    In our previous post, we shared some of the must-visit destinations in Europe. This time, we’ll give you a list of the top places in Latin America that you need to visit. Hopefully, your best travel luggage is at the ready.



    Buenos Aires is definitely a must-visit for travelers. The La Boca neighborhood alone is a wonderful showcase of colors with cobblestone streets lined with artworks and various trinkets. Deemed the shopping capital of Latin America, Buenos Aires is certainly one of the best places for some retail therapy. Shopaholics should not miss the markets in San Telmo. For the ultimate experience, The Argentine Experience is highly recommended. It’s more than just a local meal. It’s the best way, if not the only way, to discover a lot of things Argentina.



     Although Bolivia has a variety of things to offer in terms of culture, adventure and nature, the Salar de Uyuni stands out. Bolivia is home to the largest salt flat which includes Salar de Uyuni, truly one of Latin America’s most spectacular sights. The wide salt desert gives visitors the opportunity to capture Instagram-worthy photos that will be the envy of friends. When visiting the place, it is best to go on a guided tour to ensure your safety.



     Decorated with picturesque mountains, rich green rainforests and white-sand beaches, Rio de Janeiro showcases magnificent views from different angles. With such breathtaking spectacles, the city has earned the nickname Cidade Maravilhosa or Marvelous City. But there is so much more to Rio than its picture perfect scenery. It boasts of a vibrant nightlife and it is home to the Carnival. A trip to the Marvelous City would not be complete without visiting the Corcovado Mountain where the world-renowned Christ Redeemer Statue stands.



    Bogota is the heart of Colombia and home to ten million people. The bustling metropolitan is dotted with numerous dining spots serving authentic Colombian dishes. Food festivals are also frequently held in the city. The northern region features a rising cultural scene with beautiful architecture in the background. An unforgettable shopping spree also awaits avid shoppers on the North Side. On the other hand, the La Candelaria district has that old world charm with its colonial mansions and old churches.



    Located about 3,600 off the coast of Chile, Easter Island is known around the world for its large stone statues called Moai. To this day, the infamous statues are still somehow a mystery to archaeologists. More than 800 of these statues are spread all over the island. Thousands of tourists come to the island to marvel at these wonders of the earth. Visiting this jaw-dropping island will definitely complete your trip to Chile.



    The Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica is one place that offers a whole new experience for visitors. Easily a favorite of many nature lovers, this biological reserve allows people to learn more about wildlife and nature in general – an experience that is far from the usual tour around the city or shopping in popular markets. The place consists of 10,500 hectares of cloud forest featuring a wide variety of biodiversity. It has hundreds of species of mammals, about 400 bird species, thousands of insects and more than 2,500 species of plants. The reserve is also a place of adventure where visitors can for a night walk or go ziplining.



    Consisting of over fifteen isolated islands, the Galapagos group of islands lies 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador. The archipelago is home to a wide variety of wildlife including tortoises, penguins, seals, lizards and more. With its string of islands, Galapagos leaves lots of room to explore. Getting to there may cost quite an amount but it will surely be worth it. Galapagos Islands is a great spot for those who want to experience firsthand encounters with wild creatures.



    While Panama is noted for its coastal cities and gorgeous beaches, its Chiriqui Province is definitely one of its most precious gems. Chiriqui Province is where the country’s tallest mountains lie and the longest rivers can be found. This part of Panama is blessed with rich rainforests perfect for nature tripping. Chiriqui also has productive agricultural regions that natives are truly proud of. Meanwhile, Golfo de Chiriqui on the coast features sandy beaches and a diverse marine life.



    Machu Picchu is undoubtedly Peru’s most popular tourist spot. A stop at this archaeological site is considered the highlight of the trip. Built on top of a mountain, these iconic temples are remarkable of symbols of the Incan empire. This Inca city is visited by over 2000 people every day during peak season. Its steep elevation makes the climb a challenge but a very worthy one.  



    Also called Salto Angel, Angel Falls is one of the top tourist attractions in Venezuela. Its indigenous name, Kerepakupai Vena, which means “waterfall of the deepest place”, was derived from the Pemon language. The name Angel Falls, however, doesn’t have anything to do with the thought of its water falling from the heavens. The waterfall was named after Jimmy Angel, an aviator whose plane crash landed in the nearby area. The journey to Angel Falls is one that is meant for adventurers. Those who plan to see this natural wonder would have to trek, go on a boat ride and go through a jungle. Apart from taking memorable photos, visitors can take a swim at the bottom of the falls and enjoy its fresh flowing water.

    The memories you make and the things you experience when you travel are some of the priceless things you can get for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Grab your best hard suitcase and make those travel plans. It’s never too late.

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