How to Find the Best Travel Luggage

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What is the best travel luggage you can buy? This must be the question that got you to this page. You have probably started scrolling through lists like best luggage for international travel for 2016, but you still don’t know what to use for your next trip.

Before Googling for these awarded bags, ask yourself first if you have any idea of what kind of bag you actually need. The tips below will help you know which is the best luggage for you:

What makes a bag the best travel luggage?

1. Size and Weight

Take into account the length of your travel and your activities into deciding what is the best luggage to buy. Will this be a business trip that will have you bringing your laptop? Do you expect heavy rain that will most probably need for you to bring boots? How many changes of clothing would your stay require and will jackets be necessary? Or, is this a summer vacation, which require only light clothing, shorts, and flip-flops?

Keep in the mind that the best travel luggage should be able to carry all your essentials, including your clothing and gadgets. However, if you’re going to be packing several things, it would be wise to purchase a lightweight luggage. This would be handy particularly if you’re going to be walking long distances. They usually also come with additional features such as straps and wheels that you can look into if you’re not confident that you should be carrying your bag.

2. Features

Perhaps you would want to consider carry-ons instead of having to wait at the airport bag carousel. If you’re worried about it being too heavy to carry, suitcases and duffel bags have evolved to having wheels. If you consider yourself fashion-conscious, the former is the safest choice for best travel luggage. Its classic design goes with just about any OOTDs (outfit of the day).

There are several variations of carry-on luggage to choose from. Also, check the wheels. They might be too stiff thereby making you struggle to get your bag from Point A to Point B. Duffel bags with back straps are also now available in the market. Better yet, you can go for the traditional but reliable backpack. Put a casual outfit on and there won’t be any fashion issues with this kind of luggage.

What features make a bag the best travel luggage according to your standards would depend on your priorities like bringing along any fragile items such as laptops. Want pockets? Then, crush out those plain plastic suitcases from your options. The material of your bag is also important as there are hard cases and there are soft ones. If none of your items are prone to breaking, opt for a soft bag to make travel as light as possible.

3. Airline Policies and Fees

Trying to figure out how to pack light and how to fit your oversized carry-on into the overhead cabin might be more of a hassle than checking in your bag. Maybe you will find the extra fee worth it. You might also prefer to have your luggage checked in, but think the additional charge is way too steep.

The way around this is to start reading on airline policies on the size and weight for carry-on luggage and the charge for extra baggage. Don’t stick to just one airline or the one you have booked a flight with. Also find out the policies of other airlines you would likely consider in the future and then do some comparison. Getting this information isn’t difficult and airlines are obligated to provide their customers with it.

Keeping yourself informed allows you to make better choices in getting the best travel luggage. This will narrow down your options, bringing you closer to picking out the one most ideal for your needs. Just remember that policies also differ between domestic and international flights, so doing some research will also help you make better choices when it comes to airlines.

From all that, you should already have gotten some information that will get you started on the right foot. While there are still several other points like new features, such as security locks, and policies that you should look out for, the tips above are enough to give you a good start. Remember that travelling in itself is a world all its own, so for now, go globe-trotting in style with the best travel luggage you have chosen.

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