Jetsetters’ Best Friend: Hand Carry Luggage

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Jetsetters Best Friend Hand Carry Luggage

Do you often travel with just a hand carry luggage? It is often the best way to see the world since it is cheaper, and more convenient. But with the seemingly numerous necessities, how does one make sure that all essentials have been packed? Then you also have to consider the type of bag to use - might it be a backpack or a wheeled carry on luggage.

You have not started your trip. But you are already incredibly stressed with the preparations. You have to keep in mind that you are making this trip to take a breather out of the rat race. So before you scream out of sheer frustration, you should take a step back, and let this guide you in your packing.


The ABCs of Hand Carry Luggage

What would you consider as a hand carry luggage? Airline companies have different rules of what is an acceptable carry on luggage. Even if there are standards being set by the International Air Transportation Association, a wheeled carry on luggage with a dimension of 56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm that is allowed by one airline company, may not be considered by another. You just need to take note that a hand carry luggage should be around 45cm x 35cm x 23 cm with a weight of 7 to 10 kgs to be allowed by most airline companies. This is one of the main reasons the wise traveller would never choose a hard-case wheeled carry on luggage since the wheels would take up space.

Are you looking for affordable luggage? After you have considered the size of the hand carry luggage, you are now ready to buy one. But the prices are quite steep. You are quite astounded that the prices range from $360.00 to $500.00. So think out of the box, and search where to buy luggage in Hong Kong. With this knowledge, you can scrimp on the unnecessary; and indulge more on your trip.

You can step in one of the their world famous shopping districts. You can try looking for cheap hand carry luggage in Mong Kok. You should also sharpen your haggling skills before going to Fai Yuen or to the Ladies’ Market. Patience is a virtue in these places for with this virtue together with perseverance, you can find luggage as cheap as $60.00. That is $300.00 off from your first find; and you can definitely use the savings to buy a souvenir to remind you of your awesome trip.

What to pack in your hand carry luggage? Everyone would immediately answer that you should only bring what is necessary. But how can you distinguish the essentials from the optional. Taking into account that you can only carry 7 to 10 kgs, you should pack wisely. You might consider the things that you brought with you during your last trip. Can you still remember which things went out of the luggage after an hour of touch down? Can you recall which of those stuff remained in your bag all throughout the trip? Then learn from that, and don’t bring that extra bulky jacket. One would definitely suffice. Packing wisely would mean that you have prepared your passport, plane tickets, and medications. It would also mean that you will pack the right number of undergarments and outer clothing; have placed liquids in clear, resealable bags; and made sure that they are only at the allowable 100 mL mark. You definitely do not need to bring the extra pair of shoes or a ceramic hair iron. You will not end up bringing your whole house with you by remembering this rule of thumb.

The experienced traveler would always travel lightly. It does not only save them money by not checking in baggage. But it will also help them enjoy their trip since they have the freedom of being mobile. You will not be able to immediately move to enjoy a sight if you are dragging a bulky bag; and you surely do not want that to happen. Bringing a colossal bag would definitely catch the eye of the airport staff. So you will end up wasting time as they scrutinize your belongings. By traveling lightly, you will not be stressed by a lost or stolen suitcase. By now, you will understand that hand carry luggage is the only way to travel.

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