Professional Hacks for Packing Light Luggage

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Seasoned travelers know that light luggage is the way to go for trips to be centred on good memories and experiences. This is so unlike a novice traveller’s worry, which would be leaving anything behind. As such, their first instinct is to pack anything they think they might need. It’s only when you’ve actually travelled often when you’ll realize that this fear is unfounded.

Enjoy the Benefits of Light Luggage With These Packing Tips

Checking in baggage means facing the routine experience of waiting at the airport’s bag carousel, trying to identify yours out of a sea of closely-resembling bags, and worrying about whether any damage has been done to your bag or its contents. It’s hands-down an unpleasant experience we’d want to do without when beginning or ending a trip. So, learn to take advantage of packing light luggage and you can do this by following the tips below:

  • Pack with the best-case scenario in mind.
  • Unless you’re traveling to some area isolated from civilization, you’re sure to find the comforts of home within easy reach wherever you’re going. Most brands are already distributed internationally, so they are most likely to be found at the nearest mall or convenience store within your destination’s vicinity. You’ll be surprised at how much daily necessities such as toiletries have been keeping you from enjoying the perks of having lightweight travel luggage. Bringing around a large tube of toothpaste and other hefty items don’t just add weight to your luggage, but also takes on extra space you could dedicate to those irresistible souvenirs.

    Remember that when you pack with a negative mindset, you open yourself to countless possible situations involving any item you can think of. If you start packing with a “just in case” attitude, you might find yourself not wanting to leave your home at all.

  • Ask yourself, “How often am I going to use this?”
  • If the main purpose of your travel is not a photo shoot, you might want to consider using a thin and light smartphone. This usually comes with a camera that takes high quality photos and will help you to travel lightly than when you bring a bulky DSLR with you.

    What about that blow dryer? When you’re on a business trip where you’ll have to attend meetings, the hotel you’ll be staying in will most likely have one and calling ahead to confirm won’t hurt. That long distance call will be lesser compared to the hassle of lugging around that dryer and the check-in baggage fees.

    Also, check your itinerary. Blow-drying might be pointless if the duration of your travel is packed with heavy activities that will make you lose your salon-worthy look halfway through the day. Lighter activities and a shorter travel period would also usually mean needing lesser items and only light luggage.

  • Never use luggage bigger than carry-on standards and stick to one or two bags.
  • The concept is plain and simple. When you’ve got less room to work with, you’ll lessen the possibility of bringing things you won’t need. We all have the tendency to make the most of whatever space we have in our bag. Some travellers use bags smaller than what they think they’ll need on purpose, so they’d be forced to stick to the essential items. Get a smaller bag, so you’ve got less chances of over-packing.

  • It’s in your choice of clothing.
  • Many travellers advise in rolling your clothes rather than folding them for extra room, so invest in a low-maintenance wardrobe. Think of fabrics that are durable, wrinkle-free, and light, such as cotton and specific types of wool. Consider purchasing clothes made of synthetic materials. Some materials are good for both warm and cold climates. Travellers often prefer to layer clothing rather than carrying bulky sweaters, so they can stick to packing light luggage regardless of their destination.

    Making new friends and slight changes in activities are inevitable, but could be fun and exciting. So, take pieces with you that could transition easily from day to evening wear. You could also be among those who prefer to spend their vacation in warmer places because of the lesser need to cover up. This will make bringing flat footwear more suitable, allowing you to pack only one or two pairs. Remember that shoes take up a lot of room, so you need to be smart in deciding how many pairs to bring.

    Don’t let heavy luggage weigh you down from making the most out of your journeys. Follow these tips and you’re sure to begin a new chapter of your life as a believer in light travel. Spread the word so others can join you and share remarkable memories in far-off places. The next time you see someone carrying big suitcases and several bags, you might want to offer them advice on how to pack light luggage.


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