Travel Light: Stick to Carry-On Luggage

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In view of pricey airline check-in baggage fees, carry-on luggage has become the modern travellers’ superhero. Unfortunately, many of us are still not quite well versed in the art of packing. This inability has deprived us from experiencing the gains of travelling light.

Call to mind your previous trips and the problems you had with luggage or the cost you had to pay. Then, imagine how convenient it will be if you could pack everything you need for a five-day trip in a small suitcase. To help you out in this area, below are some pointers on how light packing can become second nature to you in the future:

Tips to Maximize Your Carry-On Luggage

 1. Get schooled on the rules.

Airlines have policies you need to adhere to and one of these is the weight limit of your carry-on luggage. To avoid any problems in this area, you need to read up on how much you can take with you on the plane. Maybe lightweight suitcases should be on your next shopping list.

2. Try rolling instead of folding your clothes.

Unknown to many, this can actually be a great way to save space. If done right, this can also keep your clothes from wrinkling. Just check the materials of your clothing first and experiment using different types days before your trip. The fabric of your clothes is great factor to your success in this trick.

3. Go for combos.

You don’t have to bring lots of jackets, pants, or skirts to go with the outfits you have in mind. Instead, go for dark-colored ones that you can wear more than once and with just about anything. With the old yet wise fashion principle of mixing and matching, you’ll be amazed how far you can go with clothes meager enough to fit your carry-on luggage.

4. Compartmentalize your travel life.

Whoever invented pockets was a genius. However, don’t limit yourself to the compartments your travel carry-on luggage has. Get creative! If you don’t have enough pockets in your suitcase, make your own compartments by using small bags.

It will be so satisfying to see all your knick-knacks in well-placed bags along with your color-coordinated clothes. This will just be like how you squirrel away your makeup in little purses, so they’d look neat and clean in your bag. Only this time, you’d be applying it to everything you bring with you on your travel.

5. Look for liquid substitutes.

We understand that you need your perfume, but do you really need lug around that huge spritzer? Consider buying those travel-friendly bottles you can fill with your lotions or scents. However, if your airline of choice is quite strict in not allowing liquids of any weight in your carry-on luggage, then you could either buy a small bottle where you’re going or go for those solid perfumes.

6. Rethink those shoes.

You don’t need a different pair of shoes for every day of your travel. Those can’t all fit in your carry-on luggage. So, here, you rely again on mixing and matching.

Remember that nobody would think less of you for wearing the same pair of shoes for your outfits if you are bringing the right pair. Think of this as a test of your creativity and your excellent choice of footwear.

There are several stories of travellers surviving for days on carry-on luggage circulating on the Internet. While, travelling light might not be your cup of tea for now, it’s worth a try. The tips above might not turn you into a guru on the get go, they can definitely get you started in the right direction.

If you find out any other tips, share them with us. However, don’t throw away your giant suitcase just yet. Who knows, maybe you’ll need it for a month-long trip in Bali and carry-on luggage might not quite work for you then.


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