About Us

  • First Class Baggage was an idea conceived over a few drinks by a bunch of passionate travelers, who decided that more independent information was needed on travel outfitting. That is: everything you need to know about travel luggage, accessories and travel in general. Think: the best luggage, headphones, travel ware, ear plugs, backpacks, locks etc.

    We are a resource that we hope will benefit anyone who loves travel. Not only can you find out tips about travel, luggage, accessories and the like  but we have made your job finding the best of the best luggage easy and at the most competitive prices. As we grow, we will expand into different specific areas of travel, such as outdoor gear. 

  • Each of the team members of First Class Baggage is a battle hardened traveler. Our 'male' editor, has over 1 million air miles to his name. He has visited over 100 countries and still has another 40 or so he wishes to knock-off his 'to-do-list'. His travel has included, climbing Annapurna (twice) in Nepal, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mt. Agung in Indonesia, and a host of others. These trips combined with 8 - 10 business trips each month and countless diving expeditions in between, he has a wealth of travel related war stories and tips to help make your travel trip more comfortable

  • Our 'female' editor has had a passion for travel since a young age. From the inner Amazon River to the Antarctica Circle, she has covered almost 100 countries to date. From the very basic camping trip, to the ultimate five star hotels and exclusive hideaways, she has almost done them all. A very versatile traveler, with enough air miles each year to retain her top level membership in two airlines, she definitely knows what to look for in a luggage and has a wealth of tips to help make your travel more comfortable. Over the years, she has purchased many brands only to finally realized there are very few brands that can actually combine  “smart and good looks” with “practicality and durability”.

  • We are located in the booming economy of Hong Kong. One of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

  • First Class Travel was established in 2013 with a mission to provide the best possible travel related information based on actual experience. Along with our handy tips and travel related blog, we have chosen what we believe to be the absolute best 'high performance' travel goods for sale, to make your travel experiences even more enjoyable.