The Pros and Cons of Wheeled Briefcases

If you travel quite often, then you may be interested in luggage that will make your life easier. After all, lugging around all of those big bags can be taxing and even painful for your back and shoulders. You may be interested in wheeled briefcases to take the pressure off your shoulders. However, they may not be the best option for you. Before you choose any hand luggage, you need to consider the pros and cons of wheeled models. That way you can determine if you have made the right decision for your travels.

The Pros

Of course, if you are using a wheeled briefcase, then you will easily be able to pull the luggage behind you without having to worry about lugging it along. This is the most advantageous option if you have to carry heavy accessories, like paperwork or books, portable printers, and heavy duty laptops. Additionally, since the larger, wheeled briefcases do have more space, you can keep toiletries and other personal items in them as well.

The Cons

Of course, there are cons as well. “Professionals who need to transport only a laptop may want to avoid wheeled briefcases.” (World Traveler) If you only carry lightweight items, the better choice would be to pick something you carry on your shoulders.

First of all, if you use a wheeled briefcase, then your laptop will suffer more bumps and impacts. A wheeled case makes it harder for you to keep track of your laptop as well. When you carry hand luggage that you keep slung across your shoulder, then the laptop and bag will be close to your body, safe and sound from impacts and other bumps that could damage the sensitive equipment.

If you do determine that a wheeled briefcase is the right option for you, then you must choose from the best hand luggage. They aren’t all the same, and by choosing a quality model, you can ensure that the briefcase will work well, roll smoothly, and protect your laptop. There are pros and cons to choosing a wheeled briefcase and you have to determine if it is the right option for your travel needs.


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